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Experiential, Immersive, Mobile Events Marketing


Bring Your Brand on the Road

What is an experiential event? 


It’s an immersive event and experience with a brand. Whether that’s a virtual test drive for the newest Dodge model, trying out the newest software from Dell, or recording a 10-second spot in a Samsung sound booth, it’s immersive, it’s creative, and it’s unforgettable.  


And that’s how we want your customers to think of your brand: Unforgettable.  


That’s why mobile marketing is important. It makes a lasting impression on your customers and clients. They know that with you they’ll be taken care of and treated well. You build a relationship with them of trust, professionalism, and good times.  


Experiential Event Production

So how do we do it?


With a killer crew of mobile experiential marketers. From production staff and trailer wraps to hospitality, we handle it all. Experiential Events Group provides flexible event management coverage ranging from turnkey “entire event” services to “event component” services. We are a trusted and reliable white-label provider for Companies, OEMs or Agencies for one-off events, multi-day customer programs, or year-long series across the country.  


Types of Mobile and Experiential Marketing

  • Show Car Programs

  • Trailer Wraps

  • Driving Events

  • Augmented Reality Experiences

  • Medical Education

  • Hospitality & Programming

  • And So Many More

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What Do We Provide?

​Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What do you get when you partner with EEG?

  • Logistical, Transportation, Driving & Staffing Services 

  • Interactive & Immersive Experiences 

  • Hospitality & Programming 

  • Seamless Program Integration 

  • Relationship Building & Trust  

  • First Class Results & Uncompromising Integrity 

  • A Whole Lotta Fun! 

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Will It Work for Me?

You may be wondering if this is the right option for you; if it’ll even work for your brand.  


It will. We are committed and determined to share your product and story via exceptional one-off events or lasting national programs. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you expand your brand’s reach in an immersive and unforgettable way.  

Build Your Experience

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